Doctor Who, Monsters: The Sontarans

Doctor Who, Monsters: The Sontarans

Doctor Who

  • Genre: Science-fiction et fantasy
  • Date de sortie: 2013-10-28
  • Episodes: 6
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Sontarans thrive on combat and delight in the rigours of warfare. They reproduce through cloning programmes meaning they can be created in huge numbers - ideal for a race of soldiers literally born to fight. When Sarah Jane Smith makes her first appearance as the Doctor's companion in The Time Warrior, she must help confront a Sontaran in the Middle Ages. Back in the modern-day, David Tennant's Doctor is reunited with Martha Jones for a two-part story where the Sontarans threaten humanity with a deadly poison.


Titre Durée Prix
1 The Time Warrior, Ep. 1 24:12 EUR 1.99 Regarder
2 The Time Warrior, Ep. 2 24:10 EUR 1.99 Regarder
3 The Time Warrior, Ep. 3 23:31 EUR 1.99 Regarder
4 The Time Warrior, Ep. 4 24:58 EUR 1.99 Regarder
5 The Sontaran Stratagem 44:49 EUR 1.99 Regarder
6 The Poison Sky 44:57 EUR 1.99 Regarder

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