AM / PM Callanetics

AM / PM Callanetics


  • Genre: Sports
  • Date de sortie: 1992-01-01
  • Episodes: 2


Presenting the Callanetics exercise program with morning and evening routines to sculpt and tone your entire body, without bending your schedule out of shape! Employing the precise, gentle movements of Callan Pinckney's original, award winning Callanetics program of safe, no-impact deep-muscle exercises, AM/PM Callanetics offers proven methods for shaping up and looking and feeling years younger - even if you only share a few minutes in the morning and evening! The AM class is designed to energise your entire day, Callan leads you through a comprehensive 20 minute workout to strengthen and beautify your entire body. From wake-up stretches to target-toning of specific muscles groups, it will make starting your day an exciting experience. The PM class is a fully relaxing, highly effective 20 minute evening workout utilising unique deep-muscle Callanetics exercises in a routine that reduces stress while working to rejuvenate and contour all your body's muscles.


Titre Durée Prix
1 AM Callanetics 28:01 Saison seulement Regarder
2 PM Callanetics 22:59 Saison seulement Regarder

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