Devious Maids, Season 2

Devious Maids, Season 2

Devious Maids

  • Genre: Drama
  • Date de sortie: 2014-04-20
  • Note consultative: TV-14
  • Episodes: 13
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In "Devious Maids," murder and mayhem collide in the mansions of Beverly Hills' wealthiest and most powerful families. Class warfare has never been as fun and dirty as it is in the tiny enclave where the staff is as clever, witty, outrageous and downright devilish as their employers. The series centers on a close-knit group of maids, Marisol (Ortiz), Rosie (Ramírez), Carmen (Sánchez), Valentina (Ganem) and Zoila (Reyes), who are bonded together by their jobs, life struggles and the melodramatic universe that engulfs their employers. "Devious Maids" also stars Susan Lucci, Grant Show, Rebecca Wisocky, Tom Irwin, Mariana Klaveno, Matt Cedeño, Melinda Page Hamilton and Drew Van Acker. Joining the cast this season are Dominic Adams ("Romancing the Joan"), Joanna Adler ("Orange Is the New Black") and Colin Woodell ("Criminal Minds"). Following last season's revelation of Flora's murderer, Rosie's shocking arrest by immigration agents, the demise of Valentina and Zoila's relationship and Carmen's fake engagement, season two promises to deliver even more excitement. Beverly Hills is hit by a wave of criminal activity that leaves its residents in a vulnerable situation. Meanwhile, Marisol engages in a new romance but quickly discovers there is more than meets the eye to her new lover. Zoila's need to control everything starts to take a toll on her personal life, especially with Valentina, who is now working for a surprising new employer. Rosie's immigration status is in flux, while Carmen embraces her life in the limelight as the fiancée to a pop star.


Titre Durée Prix
1 An Ideal Husband 42:18 USD 1.99 Regarder
2 The Dark at the Top of the Stairs 42:13 USD 1.99 Regarder
3 Dangerous Liaisons 41:27 USD 1.99 Regarder
4 Crimes of the Heart 41:56 USD 1.99 Regarder
5 The Bad Seed 41:28 USD 1.99 Regarder
6 Private Lives 40:36 USD 1.99 Regarder
7 Betrayal 41:06 USD 1.99 Regarder
8 Night, Mother 40:28 USD 1.99 Regarder
9 The Visit 41:14 USD 1.99 Regarder
10 Long Day's Journey Into Night 40:47 USD 1.99 Regarder
11 You Can't Take It With You 42:12 USD 1.99 Regarder
12 Proof 41:02 USD 1.99 Regarder
13 Look Back in Anger 42:17 USD 1.99 Regarder

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