House, Season 6

House, Season 6


  • Genre: Drame
  • Date de sortie: 2009-09-21
  • Note consultative: -12
  • Episodes: 22
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When the previous season concluded, House was forced to admit that he had lost his grip on reality and could no longer practice medicine. Out of options, he checked himself into a psychiatric hospital. Beginning with a two-hour premiere set almost entirely inside the psychiatric hospital, Season Six will explore House’s long and twisted road to recovery: Can he find some version of sanity and normalcy? Can he stay away from the workplace that arguably drove him to mental instability but is also the only stable foundation in his life? Can Princeton-Plainsboro continue its celebrated Department of Diagnostics without him? How will Cuddy’s relationship with House change, now that their imagined affair is out in the open?


Titre Durée Prix
1 Broken, Pt. 1 44:47 EUR 2.49 Regarder
2 Broken, Pt. 2 45:18 EUR 2.49 Regarder
3 Epic Fail 43:58 EUR 2.49 Regarder
4 The Tyrant 43:55 EUR 2.49 Regarder
5 Instant Karma 43:34 EUR 2.49 Regarder
6 Brave Heart 43:52 EUR 2.49 Regarder
7 Known Unknowns 43:58 EUR 2.49 Regarder
8 Teamwork 43:54 EUR 2.49 Regarder
9 Ignorance Is Bliss 44:00 EUR 2.49 Regarder
10 Wilson 43:56 EUR 2.49 Regarder
11 The Down Low 43:45 EUR 2.49 Regarder
12 Remorse 43:57 EUR 2.49 Regarder
13 Moving the Chains 44:05 EUR 2.49 Regarder
14 5 to 9 44:03 EUR 2.49 Regarder
15 Private Lives 44:05 EUR 2.49 Regarder
16 Black Hole 43:57 EUR 2.49 Regarder
17 Lockdown 44:05 EUR 2.49 Regarder
18 Knight Fall 43:54 EUR 2.49 Regarder
19 Open and Shut 43:58 EUR 2.49 Regarder
20 The Choice 43:59 EUR 2.49 Regarder
21 Baggage 43:59 EUR 2.49 Regarder
22 Help Me 44:59 EUR 2.49 Regarder

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  • Quite disappointing. Beware of spoilers

    De Kobe652
    The beginning of the season was actually fantastic. The "Broken" episodes were excellent, a kind of male version "Girl interrupted". It was intense with lots of interesting and attaching characters. At some point I actually thought it would be worth a spin off. Then the first half of the season (still haven't seen everything yet)... Not so good. House has changed but his new self is much less credible and interesting. Then, I suppose some people might appreciate the whole African dictator arch but personally I hate it. Plus, so far, character development is poor, stories are not as interesting as before, and dialogues not as punchy. Also the new relationship landscape (House and Wilson sharing a place, Cuddy engaged in a relationship) lacks dynamics. And finally, Cameron is gone... The House-Cameron interactions were t he most interesting of the show in my opinion so an irreparable loss. I feel that from now on, the expression "jumping the shark" could be replace by "losing Cameron".