Naruto Uncut, Season 2, Vol. 1

Naruto Uncut, Season 2, Vol. 1


  • Genre: Animation
  • Date de sortie: 2006-09-30
  • Note consultative: TV-14
  • Episodes: 13
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With the final round of the Chunin Exam only a month away, Naruto receives some special training from Jiraiya, one of the three legendary Sannin, to summon and master the Chakra of the Nine-Tailed Fox Spirit within him. Can Naruto turn this dangerous force into a strength and overcome the odds against formidable Neji? Meanwhile, a dark plan that affects the fate of the Hidden Leaf Village begins to reveal itself as the much-anticipated match between Sasuke and Gaara draws near!


Titre Durée Prix
1 Long Time No See: Jiraiya Returns! 23:49 USD 1.99 Regarder
2 The Summoning Jutsu: Wisdom of the Toad 23:52 USD 1.99 Regarder
3 A Feeling of Yearning, a Flower Full of 23:51 USD 1.99 Regarder
4 Live or Die: Risk It All to Win It All! 23:50 USD 1.99 Regarder
5 He Flies! He Jumps! He Lurks! Chief Toad 23:44 USD 1.99 Regarder
6 Hospital Besieged: The Evil Hand Reveale 23:46 USD 1.99 Regarder
7 The Final Rounds: Rush to the Battle Are 23:45 USD 1.99 Regarder
8 Byakugan vs. Shadow Clone Jutsu! 23:46 USD 1.99 Regarder
9 Ultimate Defense: Zero Blind Spot! 23:45 USD 1.99 Regarder
10 A Failure's True Power 23:46 USD 1.99 Regarder
11 Hit It or Quit It: The Final Rounds Get 23:46 USD 1.99 Regarder
12 Zero Motivation: The Guy With Cloud Envy 23:46 USD 1.99 Regarder
13 Dancing Leaf, Squirming Sand 23:51 USD 1.99 Regarder

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